Are you spending Diwali 2022 alone? Here are a few ways to ring in the Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights is finally here and we can’t wait to spread the festive spirit with our family and friends. But if you are celebrating this Diwali alone then there is no need to worry. Here are some ways you can ring in this year’s Diwali festival. Just look!

Diwali is fast approaching and there is no better way to celebrate the festival of lights than with your family and close friends. Many individuals visit their homes during the holiday season as part of the festival’s strong homecoming tradition. However, not many have the opportunity to spend every Diwali with their family or even to live with them.

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Many of us are unable to spend them with loved ones due to work and other commitments. Some of us have to spend this happy day alone at times. Still, there are ways to joyfully celebrate this Diwali even when we are separated from our loved ones.

Do not worry about it! You can still take advantage of your loneliness. Here are some fun Diwali solo celebration ideas.

Buy treats and groceries for those in need.

There is no better way to celebrate Diwali than to make others happy, especially the less fortunate. Even if you have already done it, do it again. They also celebrate Diwali, so doing something small for them will make them very happy.

Call your loved ones via video

If you miss your family, don’t forget to call them and see their happy smiles. Seeing all the celebrations at home, you will long for home, but you will also feel very happy.

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Start a dialogue with your neighbor.

You’ve long since successfully avoided your neighbor in the hallways by frantically and repeatedly pressing the “close elevator” button whenever you hear movement at their door. But now that Diwali day has arrived and you’re stuck watching your party through the keyhole of your door, you might as well put your fears aside and start a discussion with them. Offer some of your local sweets, praise their decorations, or just walk up to them and introduce yourself!

Dance while getting drunk to upbeat Bollywood tunes

Nothing in the universe has the same ability to uplift an Indian as Bollywood music. Seriously, even if you’re in the middle of something serious, the moment you hear a dhol’s music flowing through the air, you’ll inevitably start dancing in your brain.

Take pictures of the celebrations happening around you.

One of the most beautiful Hindu holidays is Diwali, and with good reason. There are many ways to capture the ideal Instagram Diwali photo all around you, including twinkling fairy lights adorning every home, tastefully designed colorful rangolis on the front door, groups of children and adults lighting sparklers, colorful fireworks displayed in the Hidden ones to be ignited, and plenty of sparklers.

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