Are reviews of O’Crab Cajun Seafood in Nampa, ID real?

After opening in the Salt Lake City area, O'Crab Cajun Seafood expanded into the Treasure Valley.

After opening in the Salt Lake City area, O’Crab Cajun Seafood expanded into the Treasure Valley.


If you’re hungry for information on O’Crab Cajun Seafood & Bar, a new restaurant slated for the Boise Spectrum, you can browse hundreds of reviews of the chain’s recently opened Nampa location.

Just don’t fall for the hook, string and sinker.

It’s no secret that online reviews aren’t always reliable. But O’Crab shows how much ratings can vary and how trends can differ between platforms like Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

While some of O’Crab’s reviews seem believable, most of its positive Facebook reviews smell fishier than a sardine sandwich. They hoisted a red flag on a local Facebook group, Southern Idaho Foodies, warning members not to take the bait.

O’Crab rates a low 2-star rating on Yelp, where some of the 42 reviews are terrifying smack. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t visit Canyon County Restaurant, which opened at 16808 N. Market Place Blvd. in July.

But hey, maybe O’Crab just worked out the kinks? The shortage of staff has put a strain on the entire industry. In addition, O’Crab rates an encouraging 4 out of 5 stars with a whopping 524 ratings on Google. (That seems like freaking by the way ocean of reviews for such a new place right?)

But on Facebook, the smell of rotten pals is in the air. O’Crab’s rating is 4.5 stars out of 5. Scroll through the consistently short, mostly uninformative reviews on O’Crab’s Facebook page. All 132. Do you notice any newly created profiles? How do they practically contain no additional information? (If you look at some of the reviewers’ photos, you might be reminded of the mysterious, attractive young women who regularly try to befriend losers like me on Facebook.)

“One of my favorite places to eat,” published a Facebook profile called “Remona Masterson” on November 14th. “The location is very good and offers excellent customer service. I can only warmly recommend it! ”

These three sentences form the entirety of the review. They’re also the exact same review posted by Neva Bohren the day before. To the word.

Living, breathing Idahoans have noticed. “Fake profile. Hopefully you haven’t paid too much for someone to do all these copy / paste reviews,” replied a Facebook user to the “drilling” post.

Who knows how these so-called reviews came about, or whether someone actually made a few dollars underhandedly.

What is important is that they do not help consumers make informed choices. Nor do they inspire trust in a company. It leaves a person wondering how many of the positive reviews of O’Crab on Google should be considered reliable.

Shortly after the closure of McGrath’s fish house, O’Crab Cajun Seafood hung a banner on the building. Michael deeds [email protected]

If O’Crab Cajun Seafood opens its Boise restaurant on S. Cole Road in 1749, will its online marketing follow a similar pattern? Should we expect Masterson, Drill, and their pals to share the same creepy Facebook reviews?

Either way, I might still be tempted to eat there. After all, some of these oddly worded reviews make the Nampa location sound uniquely attractive.

“This restaurant has delicious food,” brags one, “my favorite delicacy.”

What a coincidence. My Also!

This story was originally published December 1, 2021 4:00 a.m.

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