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Amber Heard entered into a relationship with Elon Musk after filing for control of her Johnny Depp and seeking legal separation, everyone knows. In any case, Depp and Heard’s ranting starter ended in June, and both entertainers have caused a commotion around town for one reason or another. Recently, a lady who showed up as Elon Musk’s date at a party made a tremendous contribution in Amber.

Elon’s date agreed to come to the party as she realizes he and Amber are no longer together. After seeing the lady at the party, Amber allegedly searched for her in front of a room full of people. The lady in the prompt told House Inhabit that Amber “grabbed my neck and started cutting my dress with an open vine, much like a madwoman yelling that she would ‘cut my throat’ for her lover.” The lady named Gia added that one of Amber’s partners pulled the entertainer from her. She concluded by informing him that the occasion had fully explained that Amber was feeling really weak in the knees over Elon.

Meanwhile, the ‘Aquaman’ entertainer was found in Israel last week eating at a Tel Aviv bistro with what is probably her most loyal accomplice, writer Eve Barlow, who was quashed by testimony at Johnny Depp headquarters .

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