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Scenes from the Amazon video game New World.

Source: New World

While everyone became aware of Amazon’s marathon announcement of new vacation gadgets earlier this week, the company already had a new hit in hand.

Amazon Game Studios, Amazon’s video game development arm, released a new computer game called “New World” on Tuesday that hit the PC gaming world this week.

“New World” is an online game that allows thousands of players to explore and build a virtual colony that resembles a magical version of colonial America. Since its inception, it has an average of hundreds of thousands of simultaneous players on Steam, the most popular online store for PC games, at any one time.

On the day of release, the game peaked with more than 700,000 concurrent players, making it one of Steam’s biggest launches of all time. There were more than 450,000 concurrent players on Thursday morning. Additionally, there have been reports of queues of up to 10,000 players just waiting to join the game.

If the initial momentum of “New World” continues, it will soon be included in the canon of such popular online games as “Fortnite”, “PUBG” and “World of Warcraft”. And while gaming is unlikely to generate the kind of revenue Amazon sees from ecommerce or cloud services, unlike its other entertainment branch, Amazon Studios, which is primarily a means to get the people on Amazon, it can keep earning money directly for the Prime company. “New World” costs $ 39.99.

Amazon also owns Twitch, the gaming-centric streaming video service. A popular game like New World can appear on Twitch and generate more interest and potential sales in addition to fresh digital ad money for Amazon.

“New World” marks a significant step for Amazon. Very few companies outside of traditional game publishers have successfully entered the industry. For example, Google closed its game development studio earlier this year.

The early success of “New World” is in direct contrast to Amazon’s first attempt at a major video game last year with a game called “Crucible,” which Amazon took offline just months after its release after poor reception from gamers. It was an embarrassment for Amazon Game Studios, who spent several years developing the title. Many in the gaming world wondered if Amazon would ever make a hit.

Now you have your answer.

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