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Published December 28, 2021 10:48 PM

The neighborhood of Bethlehem was shone in a welcoming light during the 24th Annual Luminaria Night on December 19th Organizer, New Bethany Ministries. This year’s event was attended by over 4,000 households and companies as well as over 80,000 luminaries in the Lehigh Valley. In addition, this year’s Luminaria kit sales raised a record-breaking $ 139,000. New Bethany Ministries will use the money raised to provide meals, financial services and housing to poor, hungry, homeless and mentally ill people and families in the Lehigh Valley.

Luminarias line the steps of the Central Moravian Church in downtown Bethlehem. This historic building was built in 1803 and completed in 1806.

PRESS PHOTOS BY MARK KIRLIN Moravian Church in Edgeboro lit its sidewalks with luminarias. Every year the traditional plastering takes place in the church, a multi-level exhibition with light and sound that explains the story from Christmas Day until today. More photos on A2 and A3.

Holiday mood is shown on Sycamore Street in Bethlehem. The street is aptly named after the plane trees that line the street. Sycamore trees are the largest deciduous trees in the eastern United States.

Maple Street in Bethlehem lights up the night with Luminaria candle sets. Over 4,000 households and companies took part in this year’s event.

Neighbors on West Market Street in Bethlehem proudly display their illuminated Luminaria bags. The event is traditionally a way to connect neighbors and serve a good cause.

Like many companies, Moravian Village also took part in this year’s event. Moravian Village is a senior living community in Bethlehem.

Luke, a resident of Bethlehem, fills the Luminaria sacks for his grandmother with sand. A Luminaria kit consists of sand, white paper bags, and candles.

Two helpful volunteers from New Bethany Ministries, Elder Goldscheitter (left) and Doni Ayvazov (right), are available for customers to pick up the Luminaria kits at the Valley Center Parkway location on the designated collection days.

New Bethany Ministries volunteers are helping customers load Luminaria kits into their vehicles. New Bethany Ministries is an interfaith, nonprofit organization that helps those in need.

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