75 times people didn’t have to go shopping and make their own awesome things as shared in this online sewing community (new pics)

He noted that he had not forged the armor himself as it would be extremely difficult. For one, you would need to invest in some very specific tools. “The armor is real iron and weighs around 30 kilograms in total (including the helmet, which is not pictured). [66 pounds]. That’s next to the fabric. It’s around 35 kilograms in total [77 pounds] or more.”

Johan added that walking around in armor isn’t as hard as you might think. “The right weight distribution makes all the difference. Ideally, the legs are the only part of the body that takes more of a load, as they will definitely have to carry the extra weight. The only downside is that your sprint speed is limited, but aside from this you still retain your full mobility. However, you will get tired after a few hours. But good practice!”

Johan from Denmark shared how he got into live action roleplaying in the first place. He said he was first introduced to LARP at an event hosted by his local community. Then he brought some of his friends who were already doing LARP and they all did a campaign, a monthly event. “Then I never stopped,” he told Bored Panda. “I have attended so many LARPs and I have no intention of stopping.”

“My passion lies in the creative side of LARPing, not just making cool outfits,” Johan explained that expressing yourself through the characters you play is at the heart of his hobby. The only limit is your imagination.

“I can be a noble knight who will do anything to stop the evil in the world. Or I can be a bard who only cares about wine and women. Or I can be a pirate, seeking my own fortune no matter what it costs others. Sure it started as an escape from reality, but now it’s a way to express and explore the different sides of me and test my limits as an actor and warrior! In addition, the community is strong and loving. I have never seen such inclusive people making everyone feel welcome. Regardless of gender, religion or skin color. That motivates me.”

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